Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the fight has begun. Chemo is underway, and we are all praying that it zaps the last of those little bugger cancer cells. As I spoke to Marci Monday, I was more thankful than ever that we live in a time when they can make her so very comfortable.

Team Marci bracelets have arrived in Texas! From Houston:

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  1. Kudos to you and your family for giving this terrible trial in life the respect and concern it deserves. Cancer really does suck. I say that from experience through not only myself but from loved ones I have watched perish from this hell of an illness. I say that from the unfortunate " privilege " of experiencing surgery, and chemo, and hair loss, and feeling alone to battle the greatest fight of my life. Stick behind your sister, even when she pushes you away (if she does), because this not the time to face this shit alone. Best of luck and wishes to you all. Just remember, if you need someone to commiserate with I am only an email (or a Facebook)away. <3 liz - survivor - so far