Sunday, May 1, 2011

Been thinking about you a lot lately sis, and waiting for a great blog inspiration. Felt the need to check in :), so just a litte note before your sixth - sixth!! - chemo treatment. Home stretch!

Looking forward to making plans to celebrate Mother's Day with our mom, coming to T's recital in June, getting our families together for swimming and a cookout, and starting to tune our iPods for ASU football tailgate mixes. Clearly, no pesky disease is going to slow us down one little bit. Life will be going on, perhaps not exactly as usual, but just as full and robust, long and happy. I know this in my heart. You're so close.

My family went to the YMCA this weekend to work out and swim, and I noticed a lady kind of looking at me while we were both on the elliptical machines. Later, I saw her in the pool while we were swimming with our families. She came up to me, and asked if I was a breast cancer survivor - she had seen the pink band on my wrist. I told her no, that my younger sister was in the middle of her fight. We spoke for a few minutes. She was delightful - and an 8 year surivior, with two young children. I felt such genuine happiness for her, and thought, yep, that will be you soon.

Hang in there sis. We love you so much.

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